• Investors get a rebate of 1 to 3 dollars per lot, over the lot amounts of fundings they have done within a month.
  • In order to benefit from rebate campaign, investors need to not have benefited from other campaigns.
  • Rebate will be added to your balance on the first day of the next month.
  • Troy Forex can cancel the campaign, if it is discovered that the investor has ulterior motives.(like hedge or arbitrage)
  • In order to benefit from this campaign, the investor needs to perform a minimum amount of 10 lots of trades that month. When calculating the lot amount, Currencies, gold, silver, WTI and BRENT trades will be taken into account. Trades made in other forex symbols will not be taken into consideration.(in WTI trades, as a result of the size of the contract, each 10 lots of trade will be counted as 1)
  • From trades of Forex, gold, silver, WTI and Brent, investor will get a rebate of 3 USD in Standard Account, 2 USD in Gold Account, and 1 USD in VIP Account.

Suspicious activities are constantly being tracked by our treasury department, and in case an investor is proved to be performing a banned action, it might result in cancellation of a campaign, closing of an account or similar penalties.